The DRAGONFLY is a prototype urban farm project by VINCENT CALLEBAUT ARCHITECTURES. The idea was conceived to be located on Roosevelt Island in the center of New York City, aiming to promote urban agriculture.

dragonfly stats photo

Project specifications
Area : 350.000m2

Floors : 132

Heights :

  • Antenna 700m,
  • Roof 600m,
  • Top Floor 575m

Apart from housing and offices it will consist of laboratories in ecological engineering and most of all, there will be 28 agricultural fields ( farming spaces ) vertically laid out in 12 several floors cultivated by its own inhabitants. Farming spaces will consist of basic farming grounds as well as stock farming with the production of meat, milk, poultry eggs etc.
Whilst developing urban agriculture, the DRAGONFLY will become true living organism, being food self-suficient, recycling liquid waste by phyto-purification, converting solid waste to fertilizers by composting and producing energy biomass as well as solar power using photovoltaic cells.

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Earth population is exponentially increasing producing more and more waste and pollution every year, with a rate much larger than what our system can withstand. According to PNUD ( Programme of the United Nations for the Development) the earth population will rise from 3.1 billion in 2009 to a 5.5 billion by the year 2025.
This is a true calling for eco-friendly living, clean energy producing, self-sufficient cities producing more than they consume.

The overall project’s aim will be to re-integrate farming functions in the urban scale providing unemployment solution in large cities, use and re-use natural resources, recycling biodegradable waste for the decontamination and purification of both the atmosphere and grounds.