Earthships are environmentally friendly, self-sustained houses constructed out of a variety of organic and recycled materials. The homes, designed by Earthship Biotecture, whose chief architect and creator is Michael Reynolds, is based in Taos – New Mexico. Earthships are predominantly created to work as self-sufficient structures and the concept is not a new one but amazingly over 30 years old.

earthship photo
  • Recycled materials

  • water management

  • power self-sufficient

  • stylish and comfortable

  • off the ‘grid’

These autonomous buildings are primarily made of tyres filled with earth. The thick, dense walls use thermal mass to regulate indoor temperature during both hot and cold weather. Internal, non-load-bearing walls are often made of a honeycomb of recycled cans joined by concrete, known as ‘tin can walls’. These walls are usually thickly plastered with stucco.

In addition they usually have their own natural ventilation system. Earthship homes are ‘off the grid’ minimizing their dependence on public utilities and fossil fuels. At present there are 3 off- grid communities, the largest comprising of 60 homes with plans for a further 130.  All utilize available local and ‘green’ resources, especially energy from the sun; buildings are shaped to maximize the natural light and solar power during the winter months. Their roofs are heavily insulated – often with two layers of four inch poly-iso insulation – for energy efficiency.
Furthermore, Earthships even have contained sewage treatment and sustainable food production on site.
Cost for these eco-friendly homes range from about to several million dollars, depending on how big and lavish they might be.