Fully Parametric Double Opening Bi-Fold Doors


Fully Parametric Wall Based Revit Door Family

Revit Version 2022

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This is an all-inclusive fully parametric Revit family model for a double opening bifold door to be used both as an interior or an exterior door. All aspects of the folding door are parametric including the number of panels, sizing, glass window openings, door frame.


User enters the overall rough width and height of the opening together with the desired number of total door panels (both sides – any number from 4 and up) and the model automatically calculates all necessary sizing. Half the number of panels entered are used on each side.


The panels opening are controlled through an angle parameter. 0 degrees angle completely closes the door and 90 degrees angle folds the panel to the fully open position.

The thickness of the door panels is also one of the parameters controlled by the user.


User selects from an ON/OFF option whether to have a door frame around the opening or not. Parameters are available to control the frame thickness and the architrave width. Depending on whether the door frame is on or off, the clear door opening is calculated automatically.


Both top and bottom windows can be turned on and off from the individual parameters. The user can select the size of the windows individually, meaning the top window and the bottom one can have different sizes.

Position of the panel window is also controlled through distance parameters to offset from the center or the top or bottom of the panel. The width of windows is entered in the form of a percentage in relation to the panel width.


All door materials (frame, panels and glass windows) are fully parametric giving the opportunity to the user to create any variation of door needed, whether this is an interior or an exterior door. By changing the materials to be used and the dimensions, door can become an aluminium or a wooden door.


  • Revit Version: 2022
  • Family Type: Wall Based Door
  • File Extension: .rfa


  • Opening rough width and height
  • Total Number of Panels
  • Panel thickness
  • Frame thickness and width.
  • Frame ON/OFF option
  • Panels opening angle (from 0 to 90 degrees)
  • Top and Bottom Windows ON/OFF option (individually)
  • Top and Bottom Windows width and height (individually)
  • Windows offset from center
  • Top window offset from top
  • Bottom window offset from bottom
  • All materials (frame, panels, window glass)


  • Wooden, W5000xH3000mm, 2×2 Panels, Top & Bottom Window
  • Wooden, W6000xH2900mm, 2×3 Panels, Top Window
  • Wooden, W6000xH2900mm, 2×3 Panels, No Window
  • Wooden, W6000xH2900mm, 2×4 Panels, Top Window
  • Wooden, W6000xH2900mm, 2×4 Panels, No Window
  • Wooden, W6000xH2900mm, 2×4 Panels, Top & Bottom Window
  • Wooden, W6000xH2900mm, 2×3 Panels, Top & Bottom Window
  • Wooden, W5000xH3000mm, 2×2 Panels, Top Window
  • Wooden, W5000xH3000mm, 2×2 Panels, No Window
  • Aluminium, W6000x3000mm, 2×3 Panels
  • Aluminium, W8000x3200mm, 2×4 Panels
  • Aluminium, W8000x3200mm, 2×5 Panels

The family types are just a small sample of the number of different variations a user can create depending on the project requirements.

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