Masdar low carbon city is the world’s first self-sustainable city.

Situated at about 17 kilometers from downtown Abu Dhabi, the city aims to be the first city in the world with zero waste, zero carbon emissions and fossil fuel free.

The Masdar Institute, developed in cooperation with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is already operating in Masdar City, and its students are the city’s first residents. Other major partners include Siemens, which will establish its Middle East headquarters and Centre of Excellence in Building Technologies R&D centre; GE, which will build its first ecomagination Centre; Schneider, which will operate an R&D centre; BASF; the Swiss Village Association; the Korea Technopark Association, and the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA).” – Masdar City.

Powered by the sun, cooled by the wind in a car free environment (large scale zero emmision underground transportation system is already being developed with personilized driverless electric vehicles), the city will provide the highest quality of life with the lowest environmental impact.