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So there I am the other day, talking to the owner of a middle sized developing company in Limassol, Cyprus. I have to admit, we had a stimulating conversation about how quality in buildings has to be maintained and customer service and satisfaction should be the goal of everyone who wants to succeed.

The guy seemed all truthful and honest about how he prides himself in the quality of his company’s projects. After a twenty minute discussion we said our goodbyes and exchanged business cards.

I must say I was all excited getting involved in a new big project and all, until I looked at his email address. That was it ! …. I lost interest and completely forgot what we had been discussing for the last 20 minutes. He lost me right there and then! His company’s email address was :! (this is an imaginary email address, my apologies if you are the owner of this email). I mean come on!
Forget about the user name of the email address, I won’t even discuss that. Even the address threw me off. If you run a business and you want your customers to trust you, you should consider getting a proper email where you show your willingness to invest in what you do. For example, a professional company’s email should look like this “” or even “”.
Here is another example. I paid a visit to an orthopedic surgeon the other day who didn’t even have an email address. This is how this translated into my mind : “…so this guy has failed to follow up on all the talk and technology advances of the last 20 years? He’s never tried to use a computer in his life? Did he also miss out on all 3000 conferences in orthopedic advances and techniques?” Even if you haven’t used a computer your whole life and having an email address for your business seems out of reach, you should at least employ someone in your office and have him take care of your emails. Simple as that! Seriously, would you trust a lawyer without an email address? I wouldn’t.
If you want your customers to trust you and your business, you have to show them you are willing to invest in it. Well, that’s my opinion anyway.