Timber Logs Load Bearing Wall Connection

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Timber Logs Load Bearing Wall Connection


CAD drawing for a timber log load bearing wall connection detail. Logs fixing and wall foundation support detail.


Timber Logs Load Bearing Wall Connection

CAD dwg drawing detail for Timber Logs Load Bearing Wall Connection. Perfect for a timber log cabin design to illustrate how the timber logs load bearing walls are to be fixed to the foundation as well as to each other.

This detail includes reinforced concrete mat spread foundation, wall starter runner, logs connections to the foundation and to each other. Each log has to have a cut-out at the bottom in order to be properly fixed to the one before for stability.

Purchased contents include :

  • CAD .dwg file
  • CAD .dxf file
  • PDF
  • unlimited use, unlocked, fully customisable

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INSTANT DOWNLOAD ACCESS – zip file containing : CAD dwg, dxf & pdf formats. Details can be altered in any CAD software. 3Ds not included.


for reference purposes only and should be used as a template


Product image above is a demo low resolution snapshot for presentation purposes. Purchased content is fully customizable full resolution CAD drawing.


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