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Timber Roof Valley with Clay Tiles Detail


CAD dwg drawing for a timber roof valley cross section detail with clay tiles. Inclined timber rafters connection.


Timber Roof Valley with Clay Tiles Detail

CAD dwg drawing for a Timber Roof Valley with Clay Tiles Detail. Drawing is a cross section detail of the intersection between two inclined ( pitched ) roof slopes creating a valley where rain water needs to be collected and diverted through a gutter.

Detail includes standard type roof clay tiles on a inclined timber rafters 100 x 150 mm section. Two inclined timber rafters meet and are connected on top of the valley main hip rafter primary beam. Connection is detailed in this drawing.

Detail also includes solid wood batten supports for the roof tiles, water barrier membrane on top of timber rafters with OSB solid sheathing for water insulation, optional thermal insulation in-between the solid wood battens with actual in-scale sized clay tiles. Rain water gutter in the center of the valley is also detailed together with proper insulation and necessary flashings.

This is a must have detail when designing timber roofs with clay tiles. With simple CAD commands this detail can be made to fit all possible design situations.

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