Steel Truss Lower Bottom Chord Lateral Bracing Restraint Detail

This is a CAD dwg drawing of a Steel Truss Lower Bottom Chord Lateral Bracing Restraint Detail. In order to achieve the restraint of the bottom truss chord, additional bracing may be required, to reduce the out of plane buckling length. Buckling length is reduced to the distance between each lateral bracing. Top lateral bracing is usually provided either by the slabs secondary floor beams or the roof purlins.

Lateral bracing between two consecutive steel truss lower chords, is achieved with the introduction of a simply supported steel member. In this drawing, lateral bracing is achieved with an SHS 100×5.0mm square hollow section. Lateral bracing sections are usually hollow sections ( RHS, CHS, SHS ) or steel angles or light weight steel members. Lateral bracing members work either in compression or tension, hence the simply supported connection.

Connection to the steel truss lower member chord is done with one single bolt with the use of an L angle connected to the truss member and an endplate-fin plate on the bracing member. Lateral bracing is located at the center-line of the vertical truss members. Number of bracing beams introduced depends on the required out of plane lateral buckling length necessary.

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