Beam to Wide Flange Column Endplate Connection Detail

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Save valuable time with this ready made fully detailed connection CAD drawing of one of most common and necessary connections when designing for steel frame structures.

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Looking for a CAD detail drawing of a endplate connection between a parallel flange steel beam and a wide flange steel column? This powerful resource provides a comprehensive and accurate illustration of an endplate connection, between a floor or roof steel beam and steel column, with a bolted endplate connection, onto the column’s flange.

This drawing provides a comprehensive and detailed connection template, allowing you to seamlessly integrate this connection into your structural designs. By utilizing this ready-made solution, you can save significant time and effort typically spent on creating accurate and efficient connections, ultimately enhancing the overall productivity of your projects.

Fully Detailed Connection Drawing

This comprehensive connection drawing includes complete dimension detailing, endplate thickness and sizing, bolts grade, diameter and position, welding specifications, column web stiffener plate, with elevation and cross section views.

This type of connection is usually used for industrial and/or commercial facilities with large spans. Column web stiffener reinforces the column flange capacity at the lower end of the connection for compression and torsional forces from the beam.

Beam to Wide Flange Column Endplate Connection Detail

Use with any project

Designed with adaptability in mind, this connection detailed drawing can be effortlessly incorporated into a wide range of designs. Whether you’re working on a commercial building, a residential structure, or an industrial facility, this drawing is purposefully designed to cater to your diverse needs.

You can eliminate the need for extensive online research or manual sketching of each detail. This drawing serves as a reliable reference point, allowing you to swiftly implement this connection in your projects with confidence.

Save time with all projects

Can be used by any engineer, architect, or construction professional working with steel frame designs.

With unlimited use, unlocked and fully customizable content in DWG, DXF, and PDF formats, you’ll have a valuable resource at your fingertips for every project you undertake and be able to deliver your projects faster and more efficiently.

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1 review for Beam to Wide Flange Column Endplate Connection Detail

  1. Paul Tully

    Excellent, just what I was searching for !

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