Steel Beam Simple Connection to CHS Column

This is a CAD dwg drawing detail for a Steel Beam Simple Connection to CHS Column. Circular hollow section profile columns are a little tedious when it comes to connection detailing, since the inside core of the column is most of the times inaccessible for bolts to be screwed, the same way as a regular IPE or HEB parallel flange column.

For simple connections, with no moment or little moment resistance, a steel plate is welded on to the CHS column ( in this case with full penetration butt weld ) and then bolted onto the steel beam web. Number of bolt columns and bolts per column depends on the structural design and the force resistance required.

This detail is very easy to manipulate in order to match your design with simple CAD commands and save valuable time with your projects.

You can also find a similar steel beam simple connection detail to CHS column here :

Product includes :

  • CAD .dwg file
  • CAD .dxf file
  • PDF file