Steel Beam Reinforced Concrete Slab Beam Endplate Moment Connection

This is a CAD dwg drawing detail of a Steel Beam Reinforced Concrete Slab Beam Endplate Moment Connection. Steel beam is a parallel flange IPE300 section profile connected with an endplate moment connection type on the side of a reinforced concrete slab beam.

Perfect detail when designing for composite structures with mixed concrete and steel members.

Connection is detailed with an endplate welded on to the steel beam, anchor bolts pre-casted into the RC concrete beam and an angle erection support on the underside of the beam. Full endplate, bolts and welding detailing.

Steel beam is lowered by the depth of the decking slab so that both concrete slabs can have the same structural finished level ( SFL ).

Product includes :

  • CAD .dwg file

  • CAD .dxf file

  • PDF

  • unlimited use, unlocked, fully customisable

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