Steel Beam Connection Detail on top of Masonry Stone or Brick Load Bearing Wall

This is a CAD dwg drawing for a Steel Beam Connection Detail on top of Masonry Stone or Brick Load Bearing Wall. Useful detail when designing and drafting details with masonry or other load bearing wall framed structures, together with steel members for slabs or roofs.

Connection is achieved with a reinforced concrete chainage beam ( tie beam or link beam ) on top of the masonry wall. Masonry wall is a load bearing wall either with stone or bricks and acts as a structural member for the structure. The chainage beam acts as a good bondage member between the steel beam ( anchorage bolts ) and the masonry wall as well as gives stability and ties together the load bearing wall. Chainage beam is actually a ring bond beam running throughout the length of the masonry wall. It is derived from the french word  chaînage .

Steel beam is anchored down to the concrete chainage beam with a welded baseplate using anchorage bolts on both sides of the beam. Depending on the design parameters and load conditions these achorage bolts can differ in size, number and detailing. The same stands for the fillet welding of the beam to the baseplate. Stiffener plates are also used on both sides of the steel beams web.

The detail can either be used for steel floors ( slabs ) or for flat slab roofs. Of course, proper examination and load capacity for the stability of the masonry wall has to be carried out as well as on-site inspection.

Very useful detail when designing for existing buildings with steel frame additions / restorations.

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