Steel Beam Bolted Plate Splice Connection Detail Drawing

This is a CAD dwg drawing for a Steel Beam Bolted Plate Splice Connection Detail Drawing. Steel beam section profile used for this detail is a european section IPE400 ( 400mm beam depth and 180mm flange width ).

Detail can be very easily altered with simple CAD commands to fit any beam section according to your design.

Moment resisting beam connection detail that can be used either to extend the beam’s length ( connection to be made where moment forces are reduced according to design – usually at 1/3 of beam span for moment resisting frames ) or for a stub beam-column connection where the beam stub section is pre-welded onto the column and the splice connection is executed on construction site.

Purchased contents include :

  • .dwg CAD file

  • .dxf CAD file

  • .pdf CAD file

  • fully customizable