Revit Grap Bar Towel Rail Wall Based Family


Fully Parametric Revit Wall Based Family

Revit Version: 2022

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Fully Parametric Grap Bar & Towel Rail Wall Based Family

This is a revit family for wall based grap bar and/or towel rail. Family is fully parametric. As a wall based family model it can be placed onto any wall face, with adjustable tilt angle in both directions, elevation height from reference level and length of the bar.

Fully Parametric

Almost all aspects of the model can be altered via the parameters available including materials. All family parameters are shown below. Model can also be flipped on both vertical and horizontal axis for correct placement on either side of a wall.

Can be used as:

  • Shower grap bar
  • Steps grap bar
  • Wall Towel Rail


  • Bar Length
  • Bar diameter
  • Bar clear distance from wall
  • Elevation from reference level
  • Material