Line Based Double Sided Overlap Slats Fence


Fully Parametric Line Based Revit Family

Revit Version 2022

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Fully Parametric Line Based Railing with Double Sided Overlapping Slats Fence. Fence includes posts at pre-specified interval of about 1,5m with slats on both sides,overlapping each other, leaving no visibility gap. The slats on each side are automatically placed staggered with proper overlapping. Height of the fence, size of the posts, the slats are all adjustable. Gap is automatically calcualated.

Line based families can be loaded into any project and by simply drawing any line or selecting from existing lines. The fence will be installed to follow any of those lines. This is a fully parametric fence where the user can adjust to match any design requirement.

Users can use any of the prepared family types or create any number of different variations to accomodate their design. Fence overall height, posts width and depth is adjustable together with the slats height and depth.

The number of slats to be installed is automatically calculated based on the fence overall height given by the usera and the height of the slats so that there is an whole integer number of slats on each side. The gap between the slats is automatically calculated in order for the two sides to be staggered and overlapping.


  • Revit Version: 2022
  • Family Type: Line Based
  • File Extension: .rfa


  • Fence Height
  • Posts width and depth
  • Slats Height and Depth
  • All materials ( posts and slats )


  • Wood, Height 1100mm, Slats 110mm
  • Aluminium+Wood, Height 1100mm, Slats 110mm
  • Aluminium, Height 1100mm, Slats 110mm
  • Aluminium, Height 1100mm, Slats 150mm
  • Aluminium+Wood, Height 1100mm, Slats 150mm
  • Wood, Height 1100mm, Slats 150mm
  • Aluminium, Height 900mm, Slats 100mm
  • Aluminium+Wood, Height 900mm, Slats 100mm
  • Wood, Height 900mm, Slats 100mm

Users can create unlimited number of different family type variations according to their project’s needs.

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Revit 2022


Line Based




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