Wine Glass Bar Hanger Rails


Fully Parametric Revit Family Generic Model

Revit Version 2022

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Fully parametric revit family model for Wine Glass Bar Hanger Overhead Rails. The model can be placed into any project as a generic model and by adjusting the available parameters users can adjust to their exact design needs. Model can be placed anywhere and it is not face or wall based or ceiling based.

Unlimited number of family type variations can be created by adjusting the elevation from the reference ground level ( the elevation refers to the top of the rail where it is to be fixed ), the number of rails needed ( any integer number ), the depth of the rails ( number of glasses is automatically calculated ), the distance between each rail and the materials to be used for the rail and the glass.

The family also gives back as an instance parameter the lowest elevation of the glass in order for the user to check for clear heights. The actual hanger rail is designed with exact real life dimensions to fit wine glasses.


  • Revit Version : 2022
  • Family Type : Generic Model
  • File Extension : .rfa


  • Number of Rails
  • Depth of the rails ( number of glass auto calculated )
  • Distance / Gap between rails
  • Installation / fixing height from the reference floor
  • All materials ( Hanger rails material, glasses material )


  • Single Rail, Depth 350mm, 4 Glasses
  • Single Rail, Depth 520mm, 6 Glasses
  • 3 Rails, Depth 350mm, 4 Glasses per Rail, Total 12 glasses
  • 3 Rails, Depth 520mm, 6 Glasses per Rail, Total 18 glasses
  • 6 Rails, Depth 350mm, 4 Glasses per Rail, Total 24 glasses
  • 6 Rails, Depth 5200mm, 6 Glasses per Rail, Total 36 glasses
  • 3 Rails, Depth 1250mm, 14 Glasses per Rail, Total 42 glasses
  • 2 Rails, Depth 1600mm, 18 Glasses per Rail, Total 36 glasses

Users can create unlimited number of family variations.

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Revit 2022


Generic Model




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