Vertical Sun Screen Louvre Panels


Fully Parametric Revit Family Generic Model

Revit Version 2022

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Fully Parametric Vertical Sun Screen Louvre Panels. This is a fully parametric generic-model that can be placed onto any surface in any revit project. The model consists of a rectangular frame and three types of louvre shapes ( rectangular, oval, s-shaped ) within the frame with adjustable angle. Users can select any of the three louvre types.

The model’s parameters include all of the necessary features to make this family fully parametric and adjustable to any design needs. The user controls the width and height of the panel, the type of the louvre (rectangular, oval, s-shaped ) with a simple on off parameter, the angle of the louvres, the width of the frame, the thickness and depth of the louvres as well as the materials to be used giving the designer the power to create wooden or aluminium or any other material needed for the purpose.

Angle of the louvres is adjustable to any number between -90 to 90 degrees in order for the designer to create exactly what is needed. By adjusting the louvre angle and going throuhg a simple sun study, designers can decide on the best position and angle of the louvres for best results.

The spacing of the louvres inside the frame is automatically adjusted so that when 90 degrees is selected the panel closes off completely leaving no gaps. The spacing depends on the overall height and the depth of the louvres selected.


  • Revit Version : 2022
  • Family Types : Generic Model
  • File Extension : .rfa


  • Panel width and height
  • Louvres Angle
  • Louvre thickness
  • Louvre Depth
  • Frame Width
  • Selection between Rectangular Louvres, Oval Louvres and S-Shaped profile louvres
  • All materials


  • Rectangular Wooden Louvres+Aluminium Frame, PANEL 1000x3000mm, Louvres 20x50mm
  • Rectangular Aluminium Louvres, PANEL 900x2700mm, Louvres 10x50mm
  • Oval Shaped Aluminium Louvres, PANEL 1000x3000mm, Louvres 30x120mm
  • S-Shaped Aluminium Louvres, PANEL 1200x2900mm, Louvres 20x120mm
  • Rectangular Wooden Louvres, PANEL 900x2700mm, Louvres 20x100mm

Users can create unlimited number of different family type variations to match any design requirement.

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Revit 2022


Generic Model




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