Rectangular Swimming Pools


Fully Parametric Revit Floor Based Generic Model Family

Revit Version 2022


Fully Parametric Complete Rectangular Swimming Pools Revit Family

This REVIT family is a floor based generic model, that can be placed onto any floor (indoor or outdoor), with full customizable parameters to shape any rectangular skimmer type swimming pool.

Complete Pool Model

Model includes pool structure ( walls, foundation ), foundation substrates, pool coping, floor and wall finishes together with a ladder, wall skimmers and floor drains. Turn key solution to create any rectangular shape skimmer pool for any REVIT project.

Fully Parametric

Family can be flipped on both axes upon placement. User has the ability to change the size of the rectangular pool, the depth, options to turn on and off the ladder as well as the wall skimmers and floor drains. Full parametric material properies to customise according to any design.


  • Pool length and width
  • Water Depth
  • Foundation Thickness
  • Ladder ON/OFF Option
  • Ladder offset from pool edge
  • Ladder width and bar diameter
  • Ladder offset from pool floor
  • Floor Drains ON/OFF option
  • Skimmers side 1 and 2 ON/OFF option
  • All materials are parametric


  • KIDS POOL, 400mm depth, L5000xW3000mm
  • KIDS POOL, 300mm depth, L6000xW4000mm
  • 1350mm Depth, L10000xW6000mm, With Ladder Lap Pool
  • 1200mm Depth, L25000xW3000mm, With Ladder Deep Pool
  • 2400mm Depth, L9000xW5000mm, With Ladder

User can create as many family types as needed within any project to match every project’s needs.


  • Revist Version : 2022
  • Family Type : Floor Based Generic Model
  • File Extension: .rfa

Many more family types with various parameters changed can be created by any user. More experienced REVIT users ( medium level knowledge ) can change the shape of the pool by editing the actual family and create any shape needed.


Can be used by any engineer, architect, or construction professional working on any type of revit projects.

With this unlimited use, unlocked and fully parametric and customizable content revit family model, you’ll have a valuable resource at your fingertips for every project you undertake and be able to deliver your projects faster and more efficiently.

Rectamgular Swimming Pools Revit Family

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Revit 2022


Floor Based, Line Based




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