Parametric Two Level Based Escalator


Fully Parametric Two Level Based Escalator Revit Family

Revit Version 2022

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This is a fully parametric two level based escalator generic model revit family model. The escalator is automatically adjusted just by asigning the base level ( lower level ) and top level. All escalator parameters are auto calculated ( i.e. step riser, inclination, number of steps, run etc ). The only parameters that any user has to change is the clear width of the stair and the boxed mechanism depth if needed, otherwise it can be left with the default 1.0m depth.

The escalator has a glass balustrade with a handrail parametric material on top. Mechanism pits are included with the design together with a cut option to cut the slab that it is supported on.

Ground supports can be turned on and off depending whether or not the escalator rests on the ground floor or any other higher level floors.

User can adjust the positioning of the escalator start point and align it to the start of top slab. Horizontal movement ( left and right ) is also unlocked for better positioning within the project. Escalator can be flipped on vertical axis to match the direction required.

All materials are parametric. Also included with this purchase is an image to assign the proper material for the escalator steps. By selecting the escalator family, all the necessary information are displayed in the properties panel ( i.e. inclination angle, run, rise, number of steps, total width etc )

Balustrade thickness can be adjusted and material changed if another material apart from glass is required.

This is a must have revit family that will save any designer hours and hours of work. Watch the video included for a demonstration of how it can be used within any project.


  • Revit Version : 2022
  • Family Type : Two Level Based Generic Model
  • File Type : .rfa, .jpg


  • Clear Step Width
  • Boxed Mechanism Height
  • Balustrade Thickness
  • All materials ( i.e. steps, boxed mechanism, balustrade, handrail, ground supports, landing step material )

By loading and using this escalator family, the user saves a huge amount of valuable time without having to calculate or think any of the details of the escalator. Only the start and finish levels where the escalator is supported are required to have a full detailed design of a two level escalator.

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Revit 2022


Generic Model, Two Level Based


.rfa, .jpg


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