Hanging Shelves Sneeze Guards


Two fully parametric revit ceiling based generic model families.

Revit Version 2022

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This product includes two different types of unique fully parametric ceiling based generic models families for a buffet or countertop ceiling hanging decorative shelves with sneeze guards and heating lamps. First model is with two overhang shelves and the second with one tray basket. The models are ideal for placing over restaurant buffet counters or even for private kitchen islands and counters.

Models are fully parametric, where you can change and adjust any of the features in the family. There are options to turn on and off the sneeze guards, either on one side or both sides as well as the heating lamps. Both sneeze guard and heating lamps are fully adjustable to control their height, glass angle.

Models are fully adjustable to any design and can be placed onto a ceiling into any project. You can control the length and width of the model, drop height from the ceiling as well as top support above the ceiling onto the structural slab. For correct sneeze guard placement, there are parameters that control the angle of the glass sneeze guard and its x and y extend, so that it can be placed correctly over the food.

Heat lamps are also parametric where you can choose to turn them on or off and adjust their suspension height from the shelf above.

Hanging structure frame adjusts with all other parameters and has also the option to choose the frame profile width. Both frames have the glass sneeze guard and shelves overhang on both sides by a controllable parameter.

All materials are fully parametric and can be selected by the designer to match the project needs.


  • Revit Version: 2022
  • Family Type: Ceiling Based Generic Model
  • File Extension: .rfa


  • Drop height, length and width
  • Heat Lamps suspension length
  • Heat Lamps YES/NO option ( remove completely )
  • Offset ceiling structure support ( distance from ceiling to structural slab )
  • Sneeze Guards x and y distance controlling the angle
  • Sneeze guards on both sides, one side or the other side with YES/NO options
  • Height of tray or second shelf
  • Sides offset from frame
  • All materials are fully parametric

Designers can take advantage of all the parameters included with these two families and create unlimited number of different family type variations to suit any project requirement.

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Revit 2022


Generic Model, Ceiling Based




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