Fully Parametric Wooden Pergola


Fully Parametric Revit Generic Model

Revit Version 2022

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Fully Parametric Wooden Pergola Revit Family

Fully Parametric Wooden Pergola Generic Model. The model can be placed into any surface and adjust all of its parameters to match any desired design. Dimensions, height, column and beams sizes and spacing, number of columns on both directions can be adjusted.

Width, Length, Height & Number of Columns

User can select width and length of the pergola together with selecting how many columns should be placed in each direction, giving the power to the designer to create any rectangular variation needed. Height of the pergola is also parametric and adjustable.

Fully Parametric Wooden Pergola Revit Family

Column Size and Support

Columns width and depth can be adjusted as well as the support legs height. Columns are supported onto a steel circular leg with C shaped sleeves ensuring that the wooden columns don’t touch the floor and protect from water.

Pergola Beams

Pergola consists of main wooden timber beams connecting the columns. Main beams dimensions can all be adjusted using the available parameters. Secondary beams rest on top of the main beams whose size can also be adjusted.

The elevation height of these two sets of beams is automatically adjusted from the pergola overall height and the given beam heights.

Overhang & Pergola Cover

User can select to have the beams overhang from the columns axis. Overhang length is also parametric and adjustable.

There is also an option to turn on and off the pergola cover which has a parameter for the cover thickness and the material


  • Revit Version : 2022
  • Family Type : Generic Model
  • File Extension : .rfa


  • Pergola width, depth, height
  • Number of Columns in x-direction
  • Number of Column in y-direction
  • Columns size width and depth
  • Column legs support height
  • Main Beams width and height
  • Secondary Beams width and height
  • Secondary Beams spacing
  • Beams overhang length
  • Pergola Cover Thickness
  • Pergola Cover option ON/OFF
  • All materials ( columns, main beams, secondary beams, support legs, cover material )

Columns, main beams and secondary beams together with the cover, all have material parameters meaning they can be changed by the user separately.

Users can create unlimited number of pergola variations to match any design


Can be used by any engineer, architect, or construction professional working on any type of revit projects.

With this unlimited use, unlocked and fully parametric and customizable content revit family model, you’ll have a valuable resource at your fingertips for every project you undertake and be able to deliver your projects faster and more efficiently.


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