Parametric Revit Round Table and Chair Configuration Setups Family


Automatically create round table and chair configurations with our fully parametric Revit family, empowering you to design versatile and customized multiuse table and chair setups. Dining tables for commercial and residencial use, conference tables, collaboration spaces and more.

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Parametric Revit Round Table and Chair Configuration Setups Family

Introducing the Fully Parametric Revit Round Table and Chair Configuration Family – the ultimate solution for architects, designers, and professionals seeking versatile and customizable furniture layouts.

With our innovative Revit family, you can effortlessly create circular round tables suitable for various settings such as dining areas, conference rooms, collaborative spaces, and more. This parametric system empowers users to select from a wide range of preset table sizes and chair configurations, or even create their own custom setups.

Our parametric system takes care of it all. Change the number of chairs, modify table dimensions, apply different material finishes – all with a few clicks.

Preset and Custom table size creation

Just select any of the optimized preset family types with several table sizes and chair numbers or create custom setups by adjusting table diameter and number of chairs.

The flexibility of our product knows no bounds. Need a large round conference table with chair setups? No problem. Planning a cozy dining area with intimate seating? Consider it done. Our Revit family allows you to seamlessly adapt the table size and chair arrangement to meet the specific requirements of any space.

Custom table size and chair setup

With intuitive controls, you can easily adjust the number of chairs to ensure comfort and accessibility, and easily modify the table size allowing you to create a perfect fit for any space, empowering you to design functional and inviting environments with ease.

Multi-use table and chair configuration setups

Designed with convenience in mind, our Revit family integrates seamlessly into your workflow. Simply import the family into your Revit project, and you’ll have access to an extensive library of round tables and chairs, fully customizable to suit your project’s needs.

Either select one of the pre-made table setups from the family types selection, or create a unique custom setup that matches your project design. Effortlessly create tables suitable for various settings such as dining areas, conference rooms, collaborative spaces, and more.


  • Table Diameter
  • Number of chair
  • Table top thickness
  • Table legs diameter
  • All materials ( table top, table frame, table legs, chair upholstery, chair leg )

*NOTE: Table height is set to 760mm which is the optimised height and cannot be altered.


  • Revit version : 2022
  • Family Type : Generic Model
  • File Extension : .rfa


  • 2 Seats, 900mm
  • 3 Seats, 1000mm
  • 4 Seats, 1000mm
  • 5 Seats, 1200mm
  • 6 Seats, 1200mm
  • 7 Seats, 1500mm
  • 8 Seats, 1500mm
  • 10 Seats, 1800mm
  • 12 Seats, 2200mm

User can create as many family types as needed within any project to match every project’s needs.


Can be used by any engineer, architect, or construction professional working on any type of revit projects.

With this unlimited use, unlocked and fully parametric and customizable content revit family model, you’ll have a valuable resource at your fingertips for every project you undertake and be able to deliver your projects faster and more efficiently.

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Revit 2022


Generic Model




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Parametric Revit Round Table and Chair Configuration Setups Family Parametric Revit Round Table and Chair Configuration Setups Family
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