Curtain Wall Automatic Double Sliding Door


Fully Parametric Curtain Wall Panel Revit Family Model

Revit Version 2022


Fully Parametric Curtain Wall Automatic Double Sliding Door

This is a revit family for a curtain wall panel automatic double sliding door . Family is fully parametric. Model can replace any curtain wall panel with a double automatic sliding door. Width and height of the door is automatically inherited from the curtain wall panel size. Single parameter to show the sliding door open or closed with any value between 0% and 100%.

Door automatic mechanism is placed directly under the horizontal curtain wall mullion support. If there is no mullion present, the family adjusts instantly to match the size of the curtain wall panel selected.

Fully Parametric

Almost all aspects of the model can be altered via the parameters available including materials. All parameters are automatically calculated and applied onto the family once replaced onto a curtain wall panel, making it a valuable family to have in your library, ready to be used with very little setting up. All family parameters are shown below.

Door size is inherited automatically by the curtain wall panel size. Family can be imported into any curtain wall panel ready to be used. Model can also be flipped between exterior and interior sides for correct placement according to any project needs.


  • Width and height are automatically inherited by the curtain wall panel
  • Door Panel Frame Width
  • Glass Thickness
  • Offset from curtain wall centerline
  • Door open percentage
  • All materials ( glass, door frame, mechanism material )


  • Revit version : 2022
  • Family Type : Curtain Wall Panel
  • File Extension : .rfa


Can be used by any engineer, architect, or construction professional working on any type of revit projects.

With this unlimited use, unlocked and fully parametric and customizable content revit family model, you’ll have a valuable resource at your fingertips for every project you undertake and be able to deliver your projects faster and more efficiently.

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