Louvre Curtain Wall Panel


Fully Parametric Curtain Wall Panel Revit Family

Revit Version 2022

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Fully Parametric Louvre Curtain Wall Panel Revit Family

This is a revit family for a curtain wall louvre panel. Family is fully parametric. As a curtain wall panel family it can replace any curtain wall panel with a louvred panel for ventilation, in any project. Visulisation parameters control how the model is illustraded in the project, with selection for the blade profile, blade angle, and size.

Louvre panels are usually installed on staircase glass curtain walls for interior ventilation and fire ventilation.

Fully Parametric

Almost all aspects of the model can be altered via the parameters available including materials. All family parameters are shown below.

The Width and Height of the panel are automatically adjusted to fit into the curtain wall panel selected based on the curtain wall grid. Frame depth is automatically calculated based on the louvre blade height. Number of blades and spacing between them is also automatically calculated based on the panel height and louvre blade height, in order for the blades to fully close when parameter angle is selected at 90degrees.

3 Louvre Blades Selection

Designer can select any of the 3 available louvre blade profiles.

  • Oval Shaped
  • Rectangular Shaped
  • S-Shaped

Control Louvre Blade Angle

With one single angle parameter, you can select for the louvre panel blades to mode from fully closed at 90 degrees to fully open to 0 degrees.

Louvre Curtain Wall Panel Revit Family


  • Blade Angle
  • Frame Width
  • Louvre Blade Height and Thickness
  • Panel offset from curtain wall centerline
  • Materials ( Frame and Louvres )
  • Louvre Shape selection ( oval shaped, rectangular shape and S-Shaped )


  • Oval Shaped Blades
  • Rectangular Shaped Blades
  • S-Shaped Blades

User does not need to adjust the width and the height of each panel, since they are automatically adjusted to fit into each curtain wall panel as drawn by the user with the curtain grids.


  • Revit Version : 2022
  • Family Type : Curtain Wall Panel
  • File Extension : .rfa


Can be used by any engineer, architect, or construction professional working on any type of revit projects.

With this unlimited use, unlocked and fully parametric and customizable content revit family model, you’ll have a valuable resource at your fingertips for every project you undertake and be able to deliver your projects faster and more efficiently.

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