Reinforced Concrete Hidden Slab Beam Steel Column Exposed Support

This is a CAD dwg drawing detail for a Reinforced Concrete Hidden Slab Beam Steel Column Exposed Support. Concrete flat slab with a hidden beam reinforcement, is supported directly on top of a steel column ( HEB steel profile ) with an exposed connection type under the slab.

Useful for architecturaly aesthetic reasons and when there is adequate false ceiling to hide connection plat and bolts. The anchor bolts still have to be concealed into the hybrid structure slab itself.

Hidden beam acts both as a punching shear reinforcement as well as a transverse beam to distribute horizontal loads into the slab.

Connection is made with a column top plate and full threaded anchor bolts embedded into the concrete slab ( prior to casting ). Small anchorage plates for better steel-concrete cohesion are illustrated on each anchor bolt inside the slab. Steel reinforcement detailing to accomodate all elements into the joint.

If height of false ceiling allows it, extra triangular stiffener plates are added on the column-plate connection.

Product contents include :

  • CAD .dwg file