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Tapered Wall Thickness Retaining Wall Design


FILE TYPECAD dwg detail – complete design drawing

  • ready complete retaining wall designs
  • 6 different variations of loading conditions
  • soil retaining from 2.50m to 5.00m
FORMATZIP FILE containing .dwg, .dxf, .pdf files
SCALE1 : 20
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Tapered Wall Thickness Retaining Wall Design

This is a CAD dwg drawing of a Tapered Wall Thickness Retaining Wall Design. Complete and fully designed cantilevered retaining wall with tapered width, where the thickness of the wall increases with depth for achieving greater strength capacity thus higher taller soil retention. Ready made design parameters for with 6 different soil retaining conditions, where the eccentric footing is on the low side of soil.

You will never have to design another retaining wall of this type. Use this drawing design as is with all your projects and you are done.

Cantilevered Retaining wall drawing with design and dimensioning parameters that have been pre-calculated and presented with the included parameters table. Designs available for soil retaining capacity range from 2.50m to 5.00m. All designs have been carried out using eurocodes including earthquake loadings.

Perfect detail to be used as a perimeter plot retaining wall. Retaining walls with Tapered retaining wall thickness are commonly used where high tall walls are required. Such high soil retaining capacities are almost impossible to achieve with regular constant width walls unless the thickness of the wall is made extremely large through the entire height. More cost effective solution for high / tall retaining walls.

  • eccentric footing reinforcement
  • tension & compression wall reinforcement
  • longitudinal & transverse reinforcement
  • foundation sub layers
  • dimensioning

Purchased contents include :

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INSTANT DOWNLOAD ACCESS – zip file containing : CAD dwg, dxf & pdf formats. Details can be altered in any CAD software. 3Ds not included.


for reference purposes only and should be used as a template


Product image above is a demo low resolution snapshot for presentation purposes. Purchased content is fully customizable full resolution CAD drawing.


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