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Mat Spread Foundation Cross Section Detail


Typical Mat Spread Foundation Cross Section CAD drawing detail, with end reinforcing enclosed beam.


Mat Spread Foundation Cross Section Detail

Mat Spread Foundation Cross Section Detail, with reinforcing enclosed beam. Save valuable time with this standard, ready to use detail. Own it use it with all your projects.

  • top & bottom spread footing mesh reinforcement
  • reinforcing beamlongitudinal bars
  • ties – links – stirrups
  • leveling concrete layer
  • aggregates & water moisture barrier

Get this drawing detail in dwg, dxf and pdf formats, use it with your projects and save yourself valuable time.

Mat spread foundation is often used when dealing with soft soil situations in order to spread the loading uniformly all over the foundation plan. In some cases mat spread foundation is also less expensive since excavations, form works and landfills are omitted.

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INSTANT DOWNLOAD ACCESS – zip file containing : CAD dwg, dxf & pdf formats. Details can be altered in any CAD software. 3Ds not included.


for reference purposes only and should be used as a template


Product image above is a demo low resolution snapshot for presentation purposes. Purchased content is fully customizable full resolution CAD drawing.


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