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Green Reinforced Concrete Roof Slab Detail


Detailing of all necessary sub layers on top of a concrete roof or veranda slab, to achieve proper insulation and drainage for a sedum roof garden slab.


Green Reinforced Concrete Roof Slab Detail

This is a CAD dwg drawing for a Green Reinforced Concrete Roof Slab Detail. Detailing of all necessary sublayers on top of the concrete roof or veranda slab to achieve proper insulation and drainage for a sedum roof garden.

Detail includes all layers in their respective installation order that need to be installed on top of the reinforced concrete slab (i.e. waterproofing, roots barrier, drainage layer, filter membrane to keep dirt from entering the drainage etc). Detail also indicates suggested layer thickness for slab, drainage & growing medium.

Green garden roof or veranda with either grass or any other small rooted vegetation or plants. Detail is not applicable for large heavy root plants.

IMPORTANT : Proper and sufficient roof slope must be present in order for the water to escape through the drainage layer. Slope is usually achieved either by the concrete slab itself or with an additional minimum thickness screed layer on top of the structural slab.

Download this detail ready to be used and save valuable drafting time on your projects.

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