Cantilever Veranda Slab with Parapet Wall Detail


Reinforced concrete veranda cantilever slab reinforcement detailing with a concete upstand wall at the edge. Fully detailed ready to be used and save time.

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Looking for a way to save time and increase efficiency on your construction projects? This generic CAD structural detail, of a cantilever veranda slab with a parapet upstsand wall detail, can be one of the most useful additions to your library.

Cantilever slabs need to be reinforced correctly in order to withstand all live and dead loads and transfer them into the supporting beam and adjacent slab. Reinforcement in the tension zone of the slab, where it effectively resists tensile forces, preventing cracking and failure, resisting all moment forces being created.

Comprehensive Detailing

Comprehensive breakdown of the connection between the upstand edge parapet concrete wall, the reinforced concrete cantileverd slab on a supporting beam and anchorage development within the adjacent slab. Drawing includes full reinforcement detailing illustraded as a reinforcement detailed cross section.

Multiple file formats available:

  • CAD .dwg file
  • CAD .dxf file
  • PDF
  • unlimited use, unlocked, fully customisable

Cross Sectional Reinforcement Detailing

Fully detailed cross sectional view of the cantilever slab with a concrete upstand wall at the end with all necessary reinforcement. This is a generic detail that can be incorporated into any reinforced concrete design.

Slab is reinforced with top tensile U-shaped ‘hairpin’ top longitudinal reinforcement bars as well as transverse bars. Top reinforcement needs to properly anchoraged within the adjacent slab. Reinforced Concrete Veranda loaded at the edge with a minimum height reinforced concrete parapet ( balustrade ) wall.

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