Overflow Swimming Pool Retaining Wall with Gutter


Fully detailed CAD drawing for an overflow pool. Can be used as a template into any project. Drawing can be customised to match any desired design.


This is a complete detailed structural CAD drawing of an Overflow Type Swimming Pool Retaining Wall with gutter detail, taken from real life projects. It can be imported into any pool structural design project and used as a standard reinforcement detailing for construction.

Overflow pools are very common as they give the impression of a larger water body compared to regular skimmer type pools. Overflow pool edges can be installed either on all sides of the pool or partially. Water that runs off is trapped into the gutter around the pool through a copin grade. The gutter must be constructed with a sloping floor surface so that the overflowed water is collected and directed into a balancing tank.

The gutter size can vary, and it can also serve as a balancing tank. As a rule of thump, balancing tanks need to hold 10% of the pools water volume and this will determine the depth and width of the gutter. Usually, gutters are not big enough thus needing a separate balance tank. Therefore, overflow pools usually have a separate balancing tank.

Comprehensive Detailing

This highly detailed construction drawing is one of the most valuable and essential tool you will need when designing with reinforced concrete pool structures to help you save valuable time with every project.

Calculations for the needed reinforcement and retaining wall thickness were carried out for pool water depths of around 130-140cm. For shallower pools, the reinforcement could be reduced to the minimum reinforcement.

The drawing provides a clear and complete reinforcement detailing of all the retaining walls and footings needed in order to complete this structural design task.

  • Pool foundation reinforcement detailing
  • Pool wall vertical and horizontal reinforcement
  • Construction joints with water stop detail
  • Pool copings
  • Overflow gutter detail
  • External floor reinforcement detail

As mentioned above, the water depth of the pool and the gutter size can vary for every design, and it can very easily be adjusted with simple CAD commands.

Generic and adaptable

This comprehensive drawing provides a clear and detailed representation of everything needed to completely design and detail an overflow type pool edge retaining wall and gutter together with the exterior deck area floor slab.

The drawing is designed to be adaptable to any reinforced concrete design project, ensuring that it can be used across a wide range of construction applications.

Time is valuable

Can be used by any engineer, architect, or construction professional working with reinforced concrete pool structural designs.

By utilizing this drawing, you can save time and ensure accuracy in your designs, while also ensuring that your project meets the highest industry standards. With its clear and concise format, this drawing is easy to use and understand, making it a valuable tool for any construction project.

  • CAD .dwg file
  • CAD .dxf file
  • PDF
  • unlimited use, unlocked, fully customisable

All in one Bundle

Get the complete bundled all in one swimming pool collection of structural details and benefit from the special discounted price. All of the library’s swimming pool structural details put together in one single package.

Everything a structural engineer or designer needs when designing swimming pools.

Overflow Swimming Pool Retaining Wall with Gutter - product detailed video

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Additional information


INSTANT DOWNLOAD ACCESS – zip file containing : CAD dwg, dxf & pdf formats.


For reference purposes


Product image above is a demo low resolution snapshot for presentation purposes. Purchased content is fully customizable full resolution CAD drawing. Any 3D illustrations are not included


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