Complete structural design drawings for a reinforced concrete house


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Complete structural design drawings of a reinforced concrete house

Complete structural design drawings of a reinforced concrete house. Structure is approximately 280sq.m. indoor area, with a 12x12m overall dimensions. Ground and first floors are both equally around 140sq.m. Set of drawings have successfully been used for the construction of this house and are offered here as a template or as an example for your future projects.

This complete structural design example of a small concrete house includes many details which can be found individually in our store. All bundled in this design at a discounted price.

Students or new structural engineers who are trying to design their first project can benefit as it can be used as a template with guidelines of what and which drawings should be included in a real life design, details, tables, reinforcement etc.

Foundation, columns, beams and slabs reinforcement have been calculated according to Eurocodes 2Eurocodes 8 (seismic design) by our partner company: civilworx

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Product image above is a demo low resolution snapshot for presentation purposes. Purchased content is fully customizable full resolution CAD drawing. Any 3D illustrations are not included


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FREE LIFETIME UPDATES – complete library will be available to download at any time and will include all future updates and new products.

6 reviews for Complete structural design drawings for a reinforced concrete house

  1. Farha Abdul Rahman

    Good work!

  2. Adekunle Edu

    Well done keep it up

  3. Katy

    Great reference – helped me a huge amount on various projects. Thanks!

  4. Arturo

    Very good details reference saves me a lot time. Cheers!!

  5. theguardianzs

    The template is very detailed. And any questions I had was answered very quickly. Plus they refunded me some money because there was a coupon going on at the time that I didn’t know about. I had purchased it already and was asking about part of the design when they said “don’t forget about this coupon that’s only good for today”. I replied with “omg. i already made my purchase today”. And they refunded me the difference and didn’t just say “it can’t be helped. Use it on your next purchase.”. I was satisfied with the customer service I received.

  6. LNE

    Very detailed and comprehensive package. Huge help. Thanks

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