Invoice Excel Template


Simple to use, single excel spreadsheet for preparing and submitting a line based itemised invoice.

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Professional styled excel spreadsheet digital template, for preparing and submitting line based itemised invoices. With this simple to use excel template, your invoices will look professional, accurate and save you valuable time.

Submitting professional looking invoices, will most definetely win your customer’s attention and give you an upper hand to your competitors.

Each purchase contains an empty excel tempalte file together with a completed worked example.

Detailed Itemised Line Data

Single line item entry

Quantity and units fields

Unit Price Fields

YES/NO dropdown option for taxable items

Line Totals

Percentage Discount Field

Local Sales Tax Field

Automatic Totals, Sales Tax Total and Balance Due Total calculation

Print on A4 sized paper

Perfect fit on A4 sized portrait paper

Add and remove lines as needed

Works with Excel, Google Sheets and Microsoft 365

Automatic Tax Calculations

Available field entry to enter any desired discount percentage. All taxes are calculated only on the selected line items ( YES/NO option ) and after deducting the chosen percentage discount. The sales tax to be used can be changed according to your local sales tax values. Total sales tax is auto calculated.

The currency symbol can also be changed by selecting the currency fields, right click on the selection and choosing FORMAT CELLS. You can choose any available currency symbol. All formulae work the same.

Header and Notes Section

All invoice information can be entered in the professionaly designed header including your company name and details, customer name, company and address, invoice date, invoice number number and customer ID number.

Invoice payment notes can be entered at the dedicated space in the footer, along with any terms as well as name and signature.

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