Project Expenditure Cash Flow Scheduler & Cost Tracking



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Easy to use Excel Template

Benefit from this innovative excel template project cost management tool to prepare monthly project cost expenditure cash flows with dynamic actual cost tracking.

  • Up to 200 budget category entry estimates
  • Adjust each category based on the project schedule timeframe. Up to 4 years of scheduling
  • Transform data into monthly project expenditure cash flow
  • Follow up with monthly actual costs
  • Dynamic graphical performance monitoring

Powerful tool for project managers, construction professionals or any other individual to keep track of their project’s budget and expenditures.

Easily schedule your project’s expenditures on a monthly basis and monitor the financial performance with detailed graphs. 

Track and compare estimated costs versus actual costs for each category, providing you with greater control over your project’s financial management.

This tool is an indispensable resource for any project. Keep any project on track and within budget.

Includes 2 excel ( .xlsx ) files.

An empty template to use and 1 worked example for reference purposes.

Scroll down to watch a worked example tutorial.

Intuitive Interface

Easy costs category entries with estimated cost and timeframe

Automatic calculation of project monthly expenditures

Straightforward actual monthly cost entries

Dynamic Graphical performance monitoring

Fast Data Entry

All it takes to master this excel tool, is entering your project’s budget categories, or any other expenditure you wish to follow, add the respective estimated cost and the scheduled timeframe for each category. Information can be taken from the project’s budget estimate and the construction schedule timeframe. All can be changed at any point during the project.

For actual cost tracking, all you have to do, is just enter the actual expenditure cost for each category in the appropriate month.

The rest is taken care of by the software.

Dynamic Monthly Expenditures

All of your project’s monthly expenditures are automatically calculated and presented both in the excel spreadsheet and as a graphical representation.

Managing your project financials, can all of a sudden become very easy.

Actual Costs Tracking

With the ability to track and compare your project’s estimated and actual costs, you can easily identify areas where you can save money and make informed decisions to keep your project on track.

Intelligent Analysis with preset graphs

Dynamic data analysis with graphical interpretations of the project’s performance on a monthly basis.

Inspect each month separately as the project progresses, compare the actual versus estimate cost baseline and each individual costing category on its own.

Worked Example

Here’s a worked example taken from a real medium size residential project to help you understand how the template works.

Flexible Adabtable Template

Designed with flexibility to work with professionals in the construction industry, as well as for any other personal project.

This Excel template was built to help you track and manage your project’s budget.

Let the program do the math while you focus on what matters. Designed with aligned construction project stages.

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Project Expenditure Cash Flow Scheduler and Cost Tracker Project Expenditure Cash Flow Scheduler and Cost Tracker
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Project Expenditure Cash Flow Scheduler and Cost Tracker


20% Off

Project Expenditure Scheduler with Actual Cost Tracking is an innovative Excel template that simplifies project budgeting and financial management cash flow for any project. Schedule your monthly project’s expenditures by category with detailed analysis graphs for monitoring.